To begin using Riff-Rocker you will need the following:
Riff-Rocker USB Guitar Controller, Computer with USB port and a
broadband internet connection.

This package includes:
Riff-Rocker USB guitar controller, 3 face plate stickers, instructions.

First time users:
Plug the Riff-Rocker into an available USB port on your computer.
The computer will require a couple of seconds to recognize the
Riff-Rocker. When the Riff-Rocker has been recognized, PRESS AND
HOLD the “Play” button to launch the Riff-Rocker website.

With the website open, click the tab marked “downloads.” To install
the necessary software for the Riff-Rocker select the appropriate
software for your system. Download the software. When software
download is complete, press and quickly release the “Play” button
to start rocking!

Use Riff-Rocker up and down arrows to adjust settings and menu
selection. The strum key acts as the “enter” or “accept” key. The
“escape” key will cancel settings or exit the game. There are five frets
on the guitar. Each fret is color coded to the colors on the screen.
The pink fret activates the pink note, etc. The “play” button activates
the game. The blue and yellow keys let you move left and right
through the game menu.

Press and hold the appropriate frets when notes appear on the
screen. Tap the correct button on the Riff-Rocker when the notes
hit the row of keys at the bottom of the screen. When the notes are
longer, press and hold the correct fret on the Riff-Rocker.

Win points when the correct fret is selected on the Riff-Rocker. Press
the strum key. Select “Play Game.” To begin the game, select a song.

Press the strum key to select a level of difficulty. Press the strum key
again to save level. To exit the games press the “escape” key
Play the Riff-Rocker anytime, anywhere!