Riff-Rocker FAQ

Here you can find the answers to most frequently asked questions about the Riff-Rocker.  If you can't find the answer you are looking for - please use the contact us page for more help!


In Mac OS X you can change your F keys to special function keys.  These are the keys that the Riff-Rocker uses.

To turn them back to normal F keys, click on the apple logo in the top right and select system preferences.

Click on Keyboard and Mouse.

Check the box next to "Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard fucntions keys"

Close your system preferences and try playing again!



To play FOFIX on Windows, Mac, or Linux, you basically need a PC that's 5 years old or newer (1GHz or faster CPU, 512MB of RAM, 100+MB of disk space, a 3D graphics card, DirectX 9.0c).
Windows requires a Direct X compatible sound card.
Mac requires OSX 10.2 or later, with either Intel cpu or PPC G4 or better.
Linux requires a SDL compatible sound card and the SDL library installed.
Riff-Rocker is the ultimate USB accessory to the open source game Frets on Fire and other online rhythm games.  Get ready to rock!

While the in-game songs are admittedly awesome, one does start craving for a little variety before long. Lucky for you there are a number of ways to get more tunes for the game:
Compose a new song with the game's built-in song editor. All you need is an OGG music file and some patience. There are some tools to help you out as well.
Go out and buy Guitar Hero™ 1 or 2 and use the built-in importer to bring the songs into the game.

Check out the songs on community sites such as:
Geetar Freaks or  Keyboards on Fire or FretsOnFire.net

Once you have a new song downloaded, just extract it under the data/songs folder.


Click here to follow a excellent guide to adding new content to Frets on Fire.


Riff-Rocker requires a USB 1.0 or higher port to connect to your pc.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 (build 7048)
OS X version 10.2 and higher
Ubuntu Linux 7.04 and higher

If your operating system has support for USB keyboards then its compatible with the Riff-Rocker!



Yes!  Simply hold down the up and down arrows at the same time.  The pick button will blink green two times.  This means you are in player 2 mode for Frets on Fire X.  Press and hold the up and down arrow keys again and it will blink green 3 times.  This put the Riff-Rocker in drum mode for Frets on Fire X.  Simply hold the arrow keys down again and it will return you to the original controls.  You can also unplug the Riff-Rocker from your USB port and it will reset to the default controls when you plug it in again.


Geetar Freaks has an extensive list of how-to guides. Check out their tutoricals for setting up software and installing new mods!